Blood / Medicine Donation

The CSR activity done by us on 22-09-2010 was at the Cancer Ward of Government Hospital. We came to know that many people from remote villages nearby suffer from cancer and come to the Government Hospital for treatment. Since the medicine is costly and they cannot afford it, we thought of donating medicines to the hospital for them.

The doctors helped us identify the most frequently issued medicines which are mostly pain killers. The number of admitted patients was 80 and also many people visit for diagnosis and are issued medicines. The hospital staff gave us the approximate figure of tablets issued on a monthly basis. We have donated these 4 pain killers which would help the hospital issue these medicines to patients for free for 1 month. Besides this, we also have distributed fresh fruits to all patients.

Another contribution from our side was to donate blood to the hospital which would be used in giving to the cancer patients as and when need arises. Many of the staff members readily agreed to donate blood.

Corporate Social Responsibilities